Monday, March 26, 2012

I hope you...

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to dance in my friend Mandy's senior piece.  I met some amazing girls, made new friends, and had a little too much fun preparing to perform these past couple of months.  When Mandy called me to participate, without hesitation I said yes, not really knowing what to expect.  Aside from having not danced consistently for a couple of years and facing a rather difficult injury, I had to face some insecurities.  But I missed dance, after all.  I knew Mandy had been lead to call me, and I couldn't let her, or myself, down.

  I've always thought it interesting how the things I love and treasure the most, are too often the things I take for granted.  Dancing, for example, was almost taken away from me this year.  But last weekend, due to the high volume of prayers and blessings received, I did dance again.  Did I mention that the dance was about healing?  Miracles happen every day; nothing is a coincidence.  God loves us.  That's what's up.

Dance like no one's watching?...not me.  I was dancing for someone special.
And boy, did it feel good.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

life = gift = present

Too often, I think I'll be happier on the other side of where I am.  But all we have is Here and Now...
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