Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank you....

To all the men and women who died in service of the American military and in service to this blessed country. Thank you.

"They fell, but o'er their glorious grave Floats free the banner of the cause they died to save."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hawaii or bust...

My family and I made a goal last night. It's sort of a big goal considering we've never tried anything like it before. It's not revolutionary or anything, so don't get your hopes up as you read on. Simply stated: We're getting healthier. Yep. Healthier. The word still makes me shiver a little bit considering my diet and life force consists of cereal, milk, and white bread. Yeah, nothing Jillian Michaels would be proud of.

My personal goals:
2. Exercise
1.Eat more nutritiously
3. Have a better sleep routine
4. Lose all those unnecessary jigglies

That's not all. If we all reach our health goals by the end of September, we are taking a family vacation to...

Yes, Hawaii.

We seriously haven't had a family vacation since, well, I can't even remember. Maybe '08. Needless to say, we are all on board. So far it has been no walk in the park. It's only the first day and I'm already bemoaning the 50th almond I've shoved down my throat (apparently they're suppose to curb starvation or something). But...It's going to be well worth the sweat and tears and.......starvation. I will be keeping you updated on my progress. Eye on the prize, Kenzie, eye on the prize.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

St. George...

So, I had the most amazing weekend, spent in the most beautiful area , with the most lovely group of people. The four-hour drive was hardly a distraction as the anticipation for what was in store clearly trumped. We hiked to the lava rock quarries, and learned the history of the building of the St. George temple. It was seriously humbling to learn of the sacrifices of the early saints in that area. Next we spent time at the temple (icing on the cake). And the little red cherry?...a last hoorah at Sand Hollow Reservoir. Can you say bliss? Bliss.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Going to the chapel...

My beautiful cousin Becca married her Aaron on Saturday, May 7th. A true pioneer, she is the first of the "poo crew" to finally tie the knot. It was a lovely event with pinks and blues, cupcakes, and candles. Family and friends gathered to celebrate the happy occasion. I, speaking of happy occasions, was a bridesmaid for the first time. Very epic. So, enjoy these pics from the group photos...(taken by my handsome younger brother, Chan the man).


Isn't it about...time?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear May...

I'm sorry I have neglected you. For some reason, life got busy. And in all my busyness, I have not given the month of May what it deserves. In all honesty, this month has proven itself well, so far.

I turned 24. Wow.

My family got a new puppy "Alfie".

The Children's Theater I work at had their first performance.

And...I have some fantastic interviews lined up to aid in my Talk Show Host dream.

Yep...nothing short of awesome. Even the weather has obliged in giving me more sunny days.

Thank you May. We're half way through, yet I feel like the best is yet to come. This weekend brings a much needed trip to Saint George filled with red sand, hot sun, and much laughter and friends. (High pitched happy noises here)

So....yeah. All smiles.

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