Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet 16

The oldest Madsen boy is managing to grow up a little too fast; this last Saturday marked his 16th birthday. 16 I say!  Welcome, Chandler, to the wonderful world of dating, driving, and taking your amazing older sister out to dinner whenever she wants.  Kay, maybe not that last one.  But seriously, this is a BIG deal.  Did we totally throw a surprise birthday party for the unsuspecting adolescent? Yes, yes we did.  Was it a complete and total success? Yes, yes it was.  Did he jump from sheer fear and run away like a tiny and scared, little wet chihuahua? Why yes, yes indeed.  


Action shot of wish making...

I'm so glad to have Chan the Man as a brother.  And I just love him to pieces. Here are 16 reasons why:
1. He can pick me up 2. He's a saxaphone playing Jedi 3. He bought me two pina coloadas once 4. He knows boy things (like which car I should buy and how to put up a shelf) 4. He's so laid back and down to earth 5. He makes me laugh 6. He's a good listener 7. He eats what I can't finish 8. He gets really excited for me when I have a date 9. He's a loyal friend 10. He defends the weak 11. He's a priesthood man 12. He can throw really, really far 13. He plays music while I sing along 14. His name is unique 15. He has big, brown eyes that have a way of making you get really emotional when you stare into them (weird? Yeah) 16. He's just Chan...

Luv ya, dude

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Park City

This past weekend I spent some time up in Park City; three days with my family, and two days by my lonesome.  I realized being alone was significantly less fun then being with the crew, unless you count the time spent eating my feelings at the Red Banjo.  Pizza and a basket of fries?  Not a mistake.  Being born into a family that makes me shoot yogurt out my nose from laughter...not a mistake either.  Here's the weekend via Instagram.  I

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Here's to a little bit of this in your life...

Happy Tuesday

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hooked on Phoenix

Sometimes, you just need to hop on a plane a fly somewhere that you've never been - William Shakespeare.  No, but seriously, two weeks ago I visited some of my best friends down in Phoenix, Arizona.  Red dirt, warm sun, cacti.  I don't know, something about the 70-something degree weather and laughter with friends that literally caused a permanent cramp in my side that kind of made it perfect.  Not to mention Cacti and a trip to Rocket Burger that literally rocked my socks.  Did I mention Cacti?! I came home ready to face the 50 feet of snow/blizzard with a renewed sense of self.  Nothing like a holiday to remind you why you work so hard...or, I guess, work at all.  

Cacti!!! I'm obsessed. Just make sure you don't walk barefoot in close proximity...hard life lessons.

Brook and her Austin...marriaged and so in love!

Rocket Burger!!! Delicious and so delicious. Over 400 different soda bottles to choose from = heaven.

My Beautiful friend Elizabeth.  Why are we still single?...I don't know. (Said with eyes crossed)
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