Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grasshopper Good Time (Superhero Name)

So...remember that one time when I wrote about how I wanted to be a talk show host? Well, I finally got around to doing my first interview. Lindsey Stirling, my good friend and hip hop violinist, volunteered her witty banter for the project.

For some reason, making a YouTube video (an important step to reaching my goal) was this big scary monster that I managed to maneuver around for the past month. I kept making excuses as to why I couldn't get it done, when in reality I was scared like a tiny, wet Chihuahua, shaking in the corner of a dark room. Sound pathetic? Well it was. Finally I came to my senses and enrolled my friend Doug to give me some much needed motivation. If I didn't complete my video in less than a week, I would have to pick my nose and eat the result in front of a group of our friends. Humiliation/Motivation? I like to think so.

Here is the result. My first video:

Sure, I need to do about 30 more of these to get the hang of it. Sure, there's about 232 things I need to work on. But it felt amazing finally watching my video on the YouTube. There will be more to come. And I'm excited. It is what it is...and I is a Talk Show Host.

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