Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Leap Day, What A Day"

I decided to compile a list of epic things to do on Leap Day. After all, how often do you get an extra 24-hours? Well, every four years to be exact. Needing some inspiration, I turned to the most logical choice...the world wide web. Mistake? I think not. As you're about to find out, listed here are a few "brilliant" ideas I came across. Yes, these were actual suggestions. With the help of my friend Alex, a few of our own were added. See if you can guess which ones came from us and which ones came from a robot. 
Feel free to add to the list:

1. Make something from paper mache
2. Invent a new food
3. Ride a horse
4. Dig a hole and sip hot chocolate in it
5. Find a creek and play in it
6. Have a rooftop jam session
7. Make a prank call
8. Buy something you've never bought before
9. Toss a water balloon high into the air & try to catch it without breaking it
10. Sing a new song
11. Get your hair styled so your friends won't recognize you
12. Audition for something
13. Create and name your own sandwich
14. Put as many random items in a flat-rate box and mail it to yourself....or a friend....or a stranger
15. Go for a walk.....in that wooded area behind your neighbor's house
16. Two words: just dance
17....But do so in a public place that usually doesn't welcome dancing (Walmart?)
18. Girls....propose to your boyfriends
19. Reenact the last Leap Day
20. Prophesy of the next Leap Day
21. Celebrate frogs
22. Get "jazzed" or "jumpy"
23. Go watch a movie...in the middle of the roundabout in Provo, near 7peaks
24. Jump rope (get fancy with double dutch)
25. Go to some type of worship service. If this isn't available, spend some time in prayer with your children
26. Go to Disneyland for 24-hour Disney Day
27. Sleep all day
28. Read a fantasy novel
29. Savor the number 29

I imagine I will be participating in all of these activities tomorrow. 

As the poet Walter De La Mare said, 
"Sweet February Twenty-Nine!
This is our grace-year, as I live
Quick, now! This foolish heart of mine;
Seize they prerogative!"

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