Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Night of Voodoo

My brothers are cooler than me.  It's a fact.  Chandler has the best taste in music and rocks an occasional mustache and Carter can yo-yo and do back flips on the trampoline.  Seriously...I'm lucky if I can put my shoes on the right feet in the morning, and both my brothers are in a band/multiple bands. It's ok, because I get to reap the benefits of seeing said brothers in their bands on a Friday night.  It was Carter's debut, too! So exciting.  Did Chandler have a solo? yep. Did I cry? NO! yep. 
I love them and couldn't be more proud. A shout out to Chandler and Carter for pulling their weight in the coolness department. Somebody has to do it. It might as well be them.   

Just a little Voodoo Doo Doo...I think I'm funny.  Does that make me cool?

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