Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hooked on Phoenix

Sometimes, you just need to hop on a plane a fly somewhere that you've never been - William Shakespeare.  No, but seriously, two weeks ago I visited some of my best friends down in Phoenix, Arizona.  Red dirt, warm sun, cacti.  I don't know, something about the 70-something degree weather and laughter with friends that literally caused a permanent cramp in my side that kind of made it perfect.  Not to mention Cacti and a trip to Rocket Burger that literally rocked my socks.  Did I mention Cacti?! I came home ready to face the 50 feet of snow/blizzard with a renewed sense of self.  Nothing like a holiday to remind you why you work so hard...or, I guess, work at all.  

Cacti!!! I'm obsessed. Just make sure you don't walk barefoot in close proximity...hard life lessons.

Brook and her Austin...marriaged and so in love!

Rocket Burger!!! Delicious and so delicious. Over 400 different soda bottles to choose from = heaven.

My Beautiful friend Elizabeth.  Why are we still single?...I don't know. (Said with eyes crossed)


  1. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY WEDDING!! I absolutely loved seeing you and felt so so blessed. And I seriously can't fathom why you are still single, said with eyes completely straight! xoxo

  2. Oh Brook....I simply love you to pieces. How's married life treatin' ya?


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