Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sun Soaking

Ok...So I've been seriously slacking on my blogging duties.  I feel awful about this...mostly because I love to do it and I haven't managed to find the time.  Shame on me.  Well, these last few Summer days have been jam packed, filled with sun, smiles and snow cones and I really couldn't be happier.  Many a day is spent people watching at the water park as you can probably see below.  FYI: try not to stare at the "I'm a little too secure in my man-ness" men wearing leopard and glitter bikini bottoms.  Here's to hoping this Summer truly feels endless.  And here's to getting just a little bit sun-kissed and painted by nature's favorite make-up.  Fingers crossed. 

Happy Thursday...


  1. You look fabulous! And you caught the bouquet, so love is just around the corner. :)


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