Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Puppy Love...

Our little pup is growing up and we simply cannot get enough of her. It seems as though every man, women, and child in the neighborhood knows her name. A ring of the doorbell is often times one of the neighborhood kids asking if they can take Alfie for a walk. Well it was our turn; the beautiful August day was asking for it. She seriously loves walks, and heaven knows we need the exercise. What's funy is that it's really hard not to talk in this annoyingly high pitched voice when we talk to her. And it's really hard to look at her big brown eyes and not want to squeeze her to pieces. It doesn't help that her ears look like pigtails.
See for yourself


  1. Oh my goodness that dog is CUTE!!!

  2. Holy cow. Alfie is HUGE! I haven't seen her since the day you got her, so I guess she obviously has grown, but STILL!


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